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Local Businesses
Working Together

SBC is an Inner Southern Adelaide business association aiming to foster and promote business through networking; shared knowledge, ideas and resources; and strategic precinct development.

What is SBC?

SBC - Southern Business Connections - is an inner Southern Adelaide Business Association that supports:
* Networking
* Regular professional development
* Linking local businesses
* Keeping up to date with activities in our area
* Maintaining strong links with Marion and Mitcham Councils

Businesses located in, or servicing the inner southern areas of Adelaide are welcome and encouraged to join.


Membership continues to remain at a very low $120 for the 2017/18 financial year.

This entitles you to:
* Attend our regular educational seminars at a much reduced rate
* Receive our weekly SBC eNews Bulletin
* Advertise your company through this website and through our LinkedIn and Facebook pages, and most importantly
* Have the opportunity to network with other businesses in Your area - the inner south of Adelaide


SBC engages frequently with
* the City of Marion
* the City of Mitcham
* Southern Adelaide Business Advisory Service
* Edwardstown Rotary
* the Unley & Mitcham Networking Group
* Junction Australia


SBC connects
* business to business
* business to customer
* business to Council (Marion and Mitcham)
* business to the community


SBC keeps its members informed by sharing information via
* Visits
* Training seminars
* Networking events
* Weekly enews Bulletin
* SBC website
* SBC LinkedIn page and group
* SBC Facebook page

Publicity with SBC

There are a number of options for advertising with SBC - here on our website, or at SBC events. There are also a variety of options for supporting SBC a great way to get your business name out there in Southern Adelaide. For further information about either advertising or becoming a Supporter, please contact the SBC Business Facilitator or Greg Garrihy, details below.

We thank our Platinum (City of Marion) and Gold (CommBank Marion, nem Australasia, & EC Credit Control) Supporters:

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