No Guts No Glory

When is it a good time to start a business? As a Business Advisor I get asked this question a lot and I would say – no time like now. Just ask Leticia Mooney, CEO of Brutal Pixie, whose advice is ‘If you want to start your own business ask yourself first – what are you afraid of (because that is why you’re hesitating). I had $1,200 (to live on, pay rent etc.) and four weeks to make this business fly before the money ran out, so if I can do it, you can. Game on…’

And make it fly she did. In 2013 after experiencing a values mismatch with her previous employer Leticia took her entire savings and started her current business. So what is Brutal Pixie you may ask?

‘We are one of the very few experts in Australia who bring publishing expertise to other businesses to help them achieve their strategic outcomes,’ said Leticia. It is true that most businesses require marketing content to create visibility and presence and Brutal Pixie delivers content-focused marketing to deliver growth to its clients.

‘We are deeply interested in seeing our clients grow to the point where we are redundant because they’ve built their own capability. For the Pixies, the process is known as graduating and we’ve seen that it takes three years (on average) for a very small business that we work with to grow enough to employ one communications/marketing person. That’s a proud moment for us.’

When asked what advice she would give to small business owners, Leticia strongly believes that changing the way you manage your finances changes your relationship to money. ‘Read Profit First by Mike Michalowicz – the man is a genius and until you can deliver with certainty you will never grow, so those systems are the first ones you have to create.’

Leticia also understands that you need to go where you have to in order to make your business fly. ‘Our clients are all over the country because I’ve been willing to build relationships anywhere that beneficial relationships exist. I just happen to live in Adelaide because I like it.’

When asked about the benefits she has experienced being a member of SBC, Leticia explains that although most members of the association are not necessarily her target market, a lot of current members often work with her target market.

‘When we have a real face-to-face community like the SBC we enable growth to happen more easily, because there are more ways for opportunities to flow. Isolation is a business killer, and SBC is a friendly, far-reaching association filled with people who have done amazing things.

I can only re-iterate what Leticia says. As one of our newest members (and now a committee member), use the networks that SBC bring to help you make contact with the other clients they have.

Quote of the week – “You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business”

Enjoy our last week of Spring that we are entering – Phil

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