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Welcome to the SBC Bulletin for the week.
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 SBC EditorialOils ain’t Oils



As we speed towards Christmas and we have the opportunity to take a well-earned break, many of us will be looking to pack up the car, 4-wheel drive etc. and head out on the open road for some summer holiday time with family and friends. No doubt before you go, there will be those few necessary mechanical checks to ensure you have a trouble-free journey – like oil!

Have you ever stopped to really give some thought to the quality of the oil that you are putting into your engines? It turns out that Vladimir and Sergei Ostashkevich were faced with just such a dilemma back in 1995. As professional drag racers they were aware of the importance of the product they were putting into their $60,000 vehicles.

‘During a race event a large quantity of motor oil is required to run these 6,000 horsepower machines. Every time you start the engine, either in the Pits or every 4.9 second pass of the quarter mile requires 15 litres of motor oil in the engine. To protect the engine and also to get the best performance out of it, you cannot underestimate the quality of the oil needed,’ said Sergei.

Finding themselves without an oil sponsor led them to research the market and they discovered an American Top Fuel racer by the name of Pat Dakin who was using a product called ULX110. ‘I was really just trying to get oil for free as part of a sponsorship deal, and our mechanic was very sceptical about putting this product into our very expensive engines. We were willing to take a huge gamble on a relatively unknown product and we took it to the 1995 Nitro Champs held at Eastern Creek Raceway in Sydney’s outer west. Without exception we have never seen or still have not seen anything that can rival the performance and protective qualities of this exceptional motor oil,’ said Vladmir.

So it was that in late 1996 Sergei and Vladimir decided to import and sell ULX110 as authorised Australian distributors. ‘The success of the product has been the pure fact that it works and that it out-performs all other commercial oils in the market – and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a street car or a race car,’ said Sergei.

When the Aussie dollar crashed in 2000, this meant it was not financially viable to import American products, so Sergei and Vladimir commenced blending it themselves in Adelaide, under license. ‘Our customers are very loyal to the product because there is nothing in the market that compares to the performance of ULX110. We still have the same original customers from when we first imported the oils in 1997,’ said Vladimir.

Obviously versatility is the key to their business success along with an absolute belief in their product ‘having the ability to convince potential customers to try the products when they have been bombarded with commercial companies that spend millions on advertising, telling them different, only works if you have the honest belief in yourself that what you are telling is the truth about your products,’ said Sergei.

When asked about what advice they would give to their younger selves about starting a business both brothers acknowledge that it does take hard work and time to build a loyal client base, but that such a base is invaluable. ‘Getting loyal customers who spread the gospel about your products is the best form of advertising.’ Nothing truer than that!

So as you head off on your summer break, remember – oils ain’t necessarily oils!

And our quote of the week from Leadership coach, Brian Tracy. Learn something new. Try something different. Convince yourself that you have no limits.

On a personal note as we do head into the Xmas break, I wanted to express on behalf of the committee for Southern Business Connections, our thanks to everyone that has been involved in our organisation over the past year. We are blessed to have a committee that wants to make a difference and a membership that sees the value in the peer to peer support that comes from being involved and networked. Thanks to all and have a merry and safe Xmas and new year. See you both next week at our Xmas function and in 18!

Cheers Phil

SBC Events

In the Board Room – Responsibilities & Practice

Thursday 22 Feb 2018, 2pm – 6pm, 6.00pm – 6.45pm networking
Co-HAB, Lvl 1, Mitsubishi Admin Building, 1 Tonsley Blvd, Tonsley
$350 (hugely discounted due to the generosity of SA Government Dept of State Development)
Limited to 25 places
To register your interest, contact Greg:

If you are:
· the owner of a company
· hold a directors position
· are a committee member at your child’s school
· or even at the local sporting club
This short course is for you

The course will examine real-world examples and case studies, to help you develop an understanding how sound governance practices improve both organisational and financial health:
¨ Role & Key functions of the Board
¨ Duties & Responsibilities of a Director
¨ Board meeting protocols & procedures
¨ KPI’s for the Board & Directors
¨ Directors liabilities and protections

Brought to you by Southern Business Connections & the Australian Institute of Company Directors

Business News

Welcome to the SBC Bulletin for the week.
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 SBC Editorial 



Starting is easy … sustaining is the challenge

I am constantly amazed with the breadth and depth of the businesses that make up the membership of SBC. From start-ups to the established, and everything in between. This week we highlight Advanced Focus – a business that from 2005 to now has grown from strength-to-strength.

‘Mark and I started the business in 2005. Initially I maintained my full-time role elsewhere and worked in the business part-time. Eventually something had to give and I decided to step into the business on a full-time basis. This was a very hard decision as I loved my job and the team I worked with. I’m pleased to say I also love my current work and the team that I work with!’ said Kosette Lambert.

At the start, Advanced Focus saw an opportunity in the market place to deliver holistic business solutions for the manufacturing sector and sought to make companies more globally competitive by working with them to maximise their use of space, time and/or resources.

This is the impact they can have – ‘One of the challenges that we have in talking about key achievements is that we are unable to talk about much of what we do. However, there is one thing that we are very proud of in that we helped one of our clients to go from $25m turnover to $200m turnover in an 18 month period working alongside them,’ said Kosette. ‘It was a very intense time for us as we were managing our own significant growth at the same time but also very rewarding, as our client achieved an exceptionally good result.’

When asked about success in business, Kosette explains that starting is easy, but sustaining the business and looking ahead to try to anticipate client needs has contributed much to the longevity of Advanced Focus and having a solid business plan is essential.

‘Mark and I were very conscious coming into small business of how much we didn’t know. Because of this we put a lot of effort into developing our business plan. Going through the process was invaluable as it ensured we were realistic about what we were getting into, what investment was needed, likely growth trajectory etc. It certainly limited the number of surprises and effectively gave us a map for decision-making in those early days.’

Mark Fusco was also a founding board member of the Southern Adelaide Economic Development Board and continues to be active in giving back to his business community by being an ambassador of the South Australian Impact Awards. ‘Business cannot prosper in a community that fails. Communities fail when business doesn’t produce the wealth required. The Impact Awards deliver economic benefits to South Australia by showcasing globally competitive companies and connecting the leaders of those companies with proven world class beaters,’ said Mark.

Well done, Mark and Kosette. A truly great achievement not just for yourselves but you are making great improvements for your customers.

Impact Awards:

Quote of the week ‘Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone’.

On another note I thought I would share this note regarding Di who is leaving our organisation – a big thank you for being part of our ever changing journey, someone who has continually looked for ways to make the events better and provide better value for the membership.

From Di

Hey everyone – after just over 7 years of working with first Edwardstown Melrose Park Region Business Association, then Edwardstown Region Business Association, (ERBA) then Southern Business Connections, (SBC) the time has come for me to move on, my next journey is starting. I am sure all who know me know what passion I have for this Association – starting with only 12 members when I began, growing to the well over 100 strong today.

I have learned and grown along with the Association – I didn’t even know what html was until Cathi Buttfield (Sar Major) took me in hand. I hadn’t heard of MailChimp, Trybooking or LinkedIn.  But I knew how to run an event, and I knew how to learn, and learn I did (and fast)!

My love for the Association, its members and what it stands for has not faded, but my own personal journey is taking a different direction. Many years ago (another lifetime really), I qualified as a physiotherapist, and specialised as a neurophysiotherapist. Through no fault of my own, I didn’t practise for a while. But I have now gained that ability back, so I am returning to help those with head injury and stroke and multiple sclerosis and other forms of brain injury to improve the quality of their life. Another passion re-ignited.

I will finish with SBC in two weeks’ time and at the end of this working year, will travel overseas then return to follow my new career in 2018. I very much value all the help and support I have received from so many people over my time with the Association.  There have been some rough patches over the past few years, times when I haven’t been well and help and support has been forthcoming from you, without even being asked. This was noticed and appreciated so very much. So good luck Southern Business Connectioners.  May your loads be light and your tracks run smooth.

With very kind regards
Dianne Stewart
Business Administrator

Member News
This week we welcome new member Cheryl Haywood of Rams Home Loans Southern Vales. Great to have you join the team Cheryl, we look forward to meeting you at the Christmas drinks event.

SBC Event

Business News



Daw House Hospice Foundation changes name and launches Christmas Appeal

With the closure of the Repat Hospital and relocation of services to the Flinders Medical Centre a new era of improved palliative care services has commenced with the opening of the new Laurel Hospice (Palliative Care Unit) with 15 beds which provide every patient with their own private room and ensuite bathroom, allowing greater privacy and dignity to people and their families. Patients and visitors will also have access to a rooftop garden with 180 degree views of the coast. While there are some undercover areas, this space requires some enhancement to maximise its use by our patients and families. Spaces have been cleverly designed, where people can enjoy privacy together as a family, along with dedicated free parking spots for hospice visitors, close by for easy access.
To reflect our new location and relationship to the hospice, the Daw House Hospice Foundation has changed its name to Laurel Palliative Care Foundation, and will be officially launched early 2018 when we physically relocate to Flinders Medical Centre – an exciting time ahead! We sincerely hope you can be a part of our on-going journey.
We work hard to provide funding support for services not traditionally provided by government.  This funding includes purchase of specialised equipment, support for the Wellness Centre and Art Therapy programs, in addition to salaries to enable the palliative care service to continue at the highest levels. Accordingly, our Christmas Appeal has been launched and we are asking for continued support for our Wellness Centre, Art Therapy and enhancement to the rooftop garden area.
For more information on how to donate online go to:
Thank you for supporting Laurel Palliative Care Foundation
A message from SBC member Tony Lawson, EO of Laurel Palliative Care Foundation Inc

Darlington Upgrade Project

Please find attached a notification regarding upcoming access changes at the Birch Crescent junction with Sturt Road; bus stop changes on Sturt Road and car-parking changes at the Tonsley Railway Station, for the Darlington Upgrade Project.

Don't forget to register for the Christmas Drinks at 5.30pm on Wed 13 Dec – go to:  We look forward to seeing you then. 





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 SBC Editorial 




No Guts No Glory

When is it a good time to start a business? As a Business Advisor I get asked this question a lot and I would say – no time like now. Just ask Leticia Mooney, CEO of Brutal Pixie, whose advice is ‘If you want to start your own business ask yourself first – what are you afraid of (because that is why you’re hesitating). I had $1,200 (to live on, pay rent etc.) and four weeks to make this business fly before the money ran out, so if I can do it, you can. Game on…’

And make it fly she did. In 2013 after experiencing a values mismatch with her previous employer Leticia took her entire savings and started her current business. So what is Brutal Pixie you may ask?

‘We are one of the very few experts in Australia who bring publishing expertise to other businesses to help them achieve their strategic outcomes,’ said Leticia. It is true that most businesses require marketing content to create visibility and presence and Brutal Pixie delivers content-focused marketing to deliver growth to its clients.

‘We are deeply interested in seeing our clients grow to the point where we are redundant because they’ve built their own capability. For the Pixies, the process is known as graduating and we’ve seen that it takes three years (on average) for a very small business that we work with to grow enough to employ one communications/marketing person. That’s a proud moment for us.’

When asked what advice she would give to small business owners, Leticia strongly believes that changing the way you manage your finances changes your relationship to money. ‘Read Profit First by Mike Michalowicz – the man is a genius and until you can deliver with certainty you will never grow, so those systems are the first ones you have to create.’

Leticia also understands that you need to go where you have to in order to make your business fly. ‘Our clients are all over the country because I’ve been willing to build relationships anywhere that beneficial relationships exist. I just happen to live in Adelaide because I like it.’
When asked about the benefits she has experienced being a member of SBC, Leticia explains that although most members of the association are not necessarily her target market, a lot of current members often work with her target market.

‘When we have a real face-to-face community like the SBC we enable growth to happen more easily, because there are more ways for opportunities to flow. Isolation is a business killer, and SBC is a friendly, far-reaching association filled with people who have done amazing things.

I can only re-iterate what Leticia says. As one of our newest members (and now a committee member), use the networks that SBC bring to help you make contact with the other clients they have.

Quote of the week – “You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business”

Enjoy our last week of Spring that we are entering – Phil

SBC Events

Business News

Junction Australia Christmas Appeal

There are thousands of South Australians striving to keep their families safe every day. Overcoming financial hardship, domestic violence, homelessness and abuse to give their children a better future. Year round, our staff are inspired by the resilience and courage of these mothers, fathers and children.

Your donation will go towards strengthening these local families at Christmas.
For more information on how to donate:

Tonsley Residential Precinct – update and invitation to Open House Sessions

Early in the planning for the Tonsley Innovation District 11 hectares of the total 61 were identified and set aside for residential development. Renewal SA and Peet Limited are now poised to begin developing the Tonsley Residential Precinct, having been given the green light with all the relevant planning and environmental approvals.

Peet is holding two Open House drop-in-and-chat sessions for local community members – on Saturday 25 November and Wednesday 29 November. This is an opportunity to meet the Peet development team, view and discuss the masterplan for the Tonsley Residential Precinct, and ask questions.

Anyone interested in being notified of the upcoming project launch and opportunity to purchase within the Tonsley Residential Precinct to sign up to the Peet database may find information at

The following contact details are also provided for local community members seeking information about the broader Tonsley Innovation  District: email and 1300 663707.

If you have any queries, feel free to contact Barbara Dickens, the Manager, Engagement, People & Place Management, Renewal SA, directly on 0434 362 878.

Darlington Upgrade Project Update

Please be advised that the works on Laffer Ddrive have been rescheduled due to inclement weather. The attached notification provides further detail.

Welcome to the SBC Bulletin for the week.
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 SBC EditorialYou Have to Jump 




Steve Harvey is an American television host, producer, radio personality and author – he says for anyone to be entrepreneurial and take a chance on an innovation or to succeed in business “You Have to Jump”, you have to believe enough in what you are doing to take a leap of faith to get where you want to go.

Kelly Keates of Zonge knows just how this feels having founded Liquid Integrity Systems (LIS) in 2011 (with her business partner Simon Mann) at the same time continuing to run Zonge Engineering which was founded in 1984. ‘Zonge provides electrical ground geophysical surveys for the mining exploration industry and some of our clients include BHP and Rio Tinto and we work both in Australia and overseas,’ said Kelly.

Why then, would you decide to take that leap of faith on another business?

‘The idea in creating a new business was to develop its own identity as a tech start up. At the time I didn’t appreciate the difference in value of an established business with established staff and clients as opposed to “new” everything,’ said Kelly, ‘It has certainly given us a challenge!’

LIS has been successful in securing a TechinSA grant (see for its innovation in detecting leaks in large waste facilities, ‘It is a unique system and will ultimately help to protect our environment,’ said Kelly.

Of course entering a new conservative industry sector where you need to create a trusted brand with new technology has high risks attached to it. ‘Although everyone is excited about the technology and the ultimate benefits it will provide, it is hard to find the business prepared to take the first initial risk,’ said Kelly.

One of the major challenges in starting another business has also been the adjustment in balancing both businesses, ‘I find it much harder to manage the two businesses and in ensuring that they both are healthy and sustainable. It feels like if I focus on one business the other suffers and we haven’t managed to find the right balance, I welcome any suggestions.’

When asked what advice she would give to others contemplating starting a business Kelly recommends learning as much as you can from others and being true to yourself and your vision, ‘Be prepared to risk everything and work hard with little or no reward for some time and don’t forget your business networks. SBC has been invaluable for me in the sharing of advice, knowledge and support.’

Kelly must be doing something right. She has recently received an Outstanding Alumni from Oxford Saïd Business School and is only the third woman and fifteenth person overall to receive the award based on impact, integrity and confidence. Well done, Kelly!

Quote of the week from author Clarissa Pinkola Estés, “Sometimes there are no words to help one's courage. Sometimes you just have to jump.”

Enjoy the weather – we finally have Spring….


SBC Event

Christmas Drinks with SBC & Mayor Kris Hanna

Wednesday 13 December, 5.30pm – 7.00pm
Marion Cultural Centre Plaza
287 Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park
A complimentary event
Registration essential:
For a copy of the flyer, please click here

Southern Business Connections and the Mayor of the City of Marion invite you to join them, and relax and network over a drink and some nibbles in the courtyard of the Marion Cultural Centre.

For further information/questions, please contact Donna Griffiths of the City of Marion:

Other Business Event

Unpredictability – The New Normal

Want an Enterprising Workforce?

Thursday 30 Nov, 7.30am – 9.00am
Alera Function Centre
Top Floor, Student Hub
Flinders University Bedford Park
Complimentary event, includes breakfast
Registration essential, by 27 Nov:

In an unpredictable world it’s people with the highest potential who’ll help you achieve your ambitions.

We invite you and your industry members to join us to discover how our enterprising students and graduates can help you build the workforce you need to thrive in the new normal.
For more information, see the Resources page on the SBC website –

Other Business News

Thinking of Improving Your Business

  • Does it need a health check?
  • Confidential free one on one advice?

The Southern Adelaide Business Advisory Service can help you grow and improve your business
Start Today
Book a free business health session
Call 08 87228 6208 or email

Junction Australia Christsmas Appeal

It is that time of year again, where those less fortunate than ourselves do it that bit harder.
If able, please consider donating to the Junction Australia Christmas Appeal.
Go to:  Every little amount makes a difference.

WHS & QA Manager – Position Vacant

This is a very unique position operating across two businesses.

Position Available for a Part time WHS and Quality Systems Manager
Must have experience in 4801 WHS systems and 9001 Quality Systems and legislation requirements
Position is for a total of two days each week working in two separate businesses.
Position requirement is to manage the WHS and QA systems in the business, Chair QA and WHS and company tool box meetings, conduct internal QA audits.

Other functions are:
Collect data and statistics for external auditing purposes and support other WHS and QA representatives with their duties.
Emphasis will be on a long term commitment to the position
The ability to work in a team and have a good cultural fit into the organisations is essential.

Please contact Paul on 8276 7390

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3. Other Business Event
4. Other Business News
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Welcome to the SBC Bulletin for the week.
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 SBC Editorial 




From Wharfies to CEOs …

Ian Cole is a quiet achiever. Most people wouldn’t know but for many years, Ian used to hold one of the most important roles as Chartering Controller for Hi-Fert Pty Ltd – he was responsible for sometimes co-ordinating up to ten vessels moving hundreds of thousands of tonnes of fertiliser around the country to farmers – all on time. He has had nearly 30 years of experience in agricultural related industries in international trade and logistics; experience in a multitude of other roles – from consulting, manufacturing assembly and as a service technician looking after about 4,000 clients a year, you can certainly say he has done it all!

But in 2013 he decided to use his experience and skills by buying the Copyfax business at Edwardstown. ‘I wanted to provide my services back to other businesses in the region and use my customer service skills developed over many years working in several corporate organisations,’ said Ian.
Copyfax originally started in 1986 with a small commercial stationery shop in Croydon Park and back then it provided quality photocopy and fax services to its customers as well as their stationery needs.
‘It’s true to say that the “fax” part of our business is not what it is now compared to back then, but the demand for personal and knowledgeable services is even greater today and customers certainly appreciate dealing directly with someone who takes the time to understand their needs and then does their very best to help them,’ said Ian.

Copyfax stores now cover the Adelaide metropolitan area and supply everything a business needs to run effectively and smoothly. Ian’s store also has the capability to produce plans up to A0 in size, including banners and colour images.

When asked what his advice is to other business owners Ian is adamant about placing ‘people’ at the forefront of everything they do. ‘Work with people, don’t sell them an item or service, but market it, the aim is repeat business and a win-win relationship on both sides.’ And like many SBC members, Ian gives back to the community by supporting TAFESA Tonsley students with the printing of their ‘Standards’ book requirements. That’s great Ian!

Ian also advocates for buying local, ‘It may seem extreme, but I believe we should all work together, buy local and preferably locally manufactured goods and services that are owned and operated by locals. I have seen the effects of foreign-owned or controlled companies, we have to remember we are an island nation, and are unfortunately becoming less and less self-sufficient.’

And his advice to people starting a business is to research the potential client base and always be prepared to do the hard yards. Ian also knows the value of being connected to a business network, ‘As a sole operator SBC presents me with the opportunity to discuss local issues and to connect with other business people, and the one-on-one activities facilitated by SBC events are invaluable.’

So my thoughts about this are, even our quiet achievers have a story.

Quote of the week from international leadership coach John Maxwell “Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it”

Have a great weekend – Phil

Welcome New Members
Southern Business Connections is continuing to grow — another two new members have joined us this week.  We welcome Derek Jaffer of Matchworks and Luke Jamieson of Website Boss.  We look forward to seeing both of you at the next SBC event.

SBC Event


Christmas Drinks with SBC & Mayor Kris Hanna

The new Committee of SBC is delighted and honored to announce a joint End of Year function with the City of Marion.

Wednesday 13 December, 5.30pm
Marion Cultural Centre Plaza

Registration essential – registration details will be available soon
Diarize the Date!

City of Marion Event

Grow Your Business Expo

Thursday 9 November, 4.00pm – 7.00pm – Next week!
Tonsley MAB
1284 South Rd, Tonsley

This is a large regional business event run by the City of Marion showcasing local business support and the latest in Technology to help Southern Adelaide businesses thrive.

Whether an early stage start-up or an established business, the Expo will have experts on hand to solve the issues a growing business will face – solutions to accessing people and accessing business programs.

The afternoon will include:

  • 40+ Exhibitors
  • Networking opportunity with Keynote Speaker (Speaker at 6pm)
  • Onsite parking available
  • Free attendance

They understand that time is money, so they have planned the day with as much as possible, so the afternoon out of the office is worthwhile.

Being a non-industry specific show, businesses from all backgrounds can find new, inventive ways to help their business grow. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with the right people in Southern Adelaide and build relationships.

To register your interest, please go to:
or contact Georgie Johnson:

Other Business Events

Small Business Statement Launch

Tuesday 28 Nov, 7.15am – 9.30am, $25pp
Adelaide Convention Centre, Nth Tce, Adelaide
To register, by 22 Nov, click here.

Hear from:

  • The Hon. Martin Hamilton-Smith MP, Minister for Small Business – who has also run a successful business in South Australia, and was President of two associations which represented small businesses in the childcare sector
  • Peter Switzer launched his own business 20 years ago and is a former lecturer in economics at the University of NSW. Peter is currently a weekly columnist for Yahoo!7 Finance and a regular contributor to the ABC Radio Adelaide, The Australian newspaper and hosts of his own TV show, ‘Switzer, on SKY News Business’
  • Panel members include: Flavia Nardini from Fleet Space Technologies and Chester Osborn from d’Arenberg Wines.

Innovation Letcture 2017
Shaping Tomorrow
Robots, 3D Printing and Virtual Reality

Tuesday 14 Nov, 12pm – 2pm, $60 General Admission
Theatre 1, Ground Floor, Flinders at Tonsley
1284 South Road, Tonsley
For more information and to register, click here

Come to this year’s Innovation Lecture to hear Professor Andrew Harris present his views on the transformational impact of new technologies in shaping tomorrow

Bridge to MassChallenge Australia

Take your business to the global market with Bridge to MassChallenge Australia
Local and international startups with game-changing ideas can now apply for Bridge to MassChallenge Australia.
In partnership with the State Government, Bridge to MassChallenge Australia will select 15 startups to participate in an intensive, four-day boot camp in Adelaide where they will receive:

  • tailored training and workshops
  • one-on-one mentorship from top local and international experts
  • networking opportunities
  • unique access to the city’s business ecosystems
  • the opportunity to pitch for a trip to Boston.

The boot camp will be held from 4 – 7 December 2017 and will culminate in a pitch competition. The top five teams will win a trip to Boston, USA, and participate in a week-long boot camp at the MassChallenge headquarters in June 2018.

Applications close Wednesday 8 Nov.
For more information and to apply, click here

People not bots – Creating relevant, strategically imperative content on- or offline in small business

Wed. 8 November 2017
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Cove Business Centre
1 Ragamuffin Drive
Hallett Cove, SA 5158
Tickets $25, available here

How to stop doing the same thing as everyone else

Wed. 22 November 2017
4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
Cove Business Centre
1 Ragamuffin Drive
Hallett Cove, SA 5158
Tickets $25, available here.

Happy reading of the SBC Bulletin for this week.
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 SBC Editorial 





Are you ever too busy……

They say if you want something done and done well, give it to a busy person – just ask (SBC Gold Sponsor) Kevin Tiggemann of EC Credit Control! Trust me, Kevin is undoubtedly one of Adelaide’s most networked persons and someone everyone needs to know.

In 2015 Kevin was in semi-retirement when he was approached to be an Area Manager for EC Credit Control with a focus on helping SME businesses. What was supposed to be a part-time role has now become almost full-time and Kevin couldn’t be happier.

In Kevin’s own words – ‘I am enjoying helping SMEs put a Financial Fortress around their businesses and this is achieved by simply putting a handshake agreement in writing as well as applying legislative changes to be a secured creditor,’.

Kevin has had a very successful background in business that most people may not know. In 1978 Kevin established Total Business Equipment Pty Ltd. ‘From humble beginnings we supplied typewriters, calculators, liquid photocopiers in fact, anything for the office. Of course as technology advanced we also had to adapt and learned to be at the forefront of innovation for our clients. In turn we were rewarded by exceptional loyalty from our customers.’

In 1995 Minolta Business Equipment Australia was established and the Total Business Equipment company became an exclusive dealership and the company won large contracts and continued to supply outstanding products and service. ‘The Golden Years were certainly in that decade as the company expanded to 20+ employees and we had turnover in excess of $5m,’ said Kevin. ‘However with the announcement that Konica and Minolta were merging in 2003, we were in a situation where the dealer was suddenly competing with our supplier, the impact eventually led to the closing of our business in 2012.’

When asked about the biggest key to the success of 30+ years in business Kevin says that unequivocally it was having great people in the business, giving ownerships to their own outcomes and rewarding them accordingly. ‘Adopting the CARE policy, that is Customers Are Really Everything – was paramount in developing a great culture amongst the team. Work hard, work smart and stay away from negative people,’ is Kevin’s advice.

When asked how SBC has contributed to Kevin’s working life and success he notes that you cannot do business without dealing with people so why not meet as many as possible. ‘As much as I have enjoyed just simply networking and giving something to the group. The doors that have been opened to areas I otherwise would not have known about have been significant. The other big bonus is creating new friendships and having lots of fun along the way.’

On a personal note, I have only said this to someone yesterday. If there is someone you need to know and you can’t find them, just ask Kevin and there is every chance he can link you to the person you need.

Quote of the week from Lily Tomlin, American actress, singer and writer – “I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend – Phil

SBC News



The Annual General Meeting of Southern Business Connections was held last night at the Warradale Hotel.  Many thanks to those who attended and/or sent in their proxy so that a quorum was reached and the meeting could go ahead to completion.

We welcome and thank the following members for taking up the following positions:

Chair:          Greg Garrihy (nem Australasia)
Treasurer:    Kathy Hill (Intax Consulting)
Secretary:   To be determined by the committee at the first meeting
Committee:  Andrea Mead (Heatlie BBQ's)
Leticia Moony (Brutal Pixie)
Phil Ransome (The Executive Roundtable)
Olivia Sorre (MJP Employment Services)
Mark Stevens (Dematec)
Andrew Wallace (Electronic Recycling Australia)

Thanks were given to outgoing committee member Randal Brooks (Results Business Management).
Both Chair and Treasurer provided a report.  These are available from the Business Facilitator for financial members who wish to read them.
A number of those present then stayed on for dinner at the Warradale Hotel Bistro.

New Members
We have two new member companies to welcome this week.
Andrew Rogers of Minotaur Law, along with Kathryn Coleiro and Paul Kloeden of Tru2Blu
Welcome, and we look forward to seeing all of you at our next SBC events.

SBC Events



Exciting News for Businesses

SBC will be bringing you Ian Nightingale, the Industry Advocate, and others to unveil some very exciting news regarding grading of businesses in relation to their degree of locally made content, to assist with assessment for tenders and other opportunities.  How can you get involved?  How will this affect you?

Watch this space for more details as they become available!

Christmas Drinks with SBC & Mayor Kris Hanna

The new Committee of SBC is delighted and honored to announce a joint End of Year function with the City of Marion.

Wednesday 13 December, 5.30pm
Marion Cultural Centre Plaza

Registration essential – registration details will be available next week – Diarize the Date!

City of Marion Event

Grow Your Business Expo

Thursday 9 November, 4.00pm – 7.00pm – please note the date was published incorrectly last week
Tonsley MAB
1284 South Rd, Tonsley

This is a large regional business event run by the City of Marion showcasing local business support and the latest in Technology to help Southern Adelaide businesses thrive.

Whether an early stage start-up or an established business, the Expo will have experts on hand to solve the issues a growing business will face – solutions to accessing people and accessing business programs.

The afternoon will include:

  • 40+ Exhibitors
  • Networking opportunity with Keynote Speaker (Speaker at 6pm)
  • Onsite parking available
  • Free attendance

They understand that time is money, so they have planned the day with as much as possible, so the afternoon out of the office is worthwhile.

Being a non-industry specific show, businesses from all backgrounds can find new, inventive ways to help their business grow. This is a perfect opportunity to connect with the right people in Southern Adelaide and build relationships.

To register your interest, please go to:
or contact Georgie Johnson:

Business News

Junction Australia News

Junction Australia is an SBC Silver Sponsor, and SBC's Charity of Choice. Please click here to read their latest newsletter, with information on their Socially Responsible Businesses (can You get involved?), their upcoming Christmas Appeal, and National Children's Week this week.

Darlington Upgrade 

Please find attached a notification regarding upcoming night and weekend works this weekend on the section of Main South Road between Riverside Drive and Brookside Road, Bedford Park.